About us

The Black History Activity Books have been designed to inspire and educate young people on some of the greatest figures in history.? The books use a series of puzzles and activities to stimulate the minds of the reader whilst aiding them to learn in a fun and exciting way.

We believe that it is our responsibility to inspire and educate our children about their history.? There are many positive black role-models that are truly inspirational. No longer will they be kept away from us and hidden in the shadows and there contributions to be ignored! We highlight these role-models, giving young people a greater sense of self thus building confidence. We believe that educating young people about our achievements, contributions to society and this civilisation is of paramount importance.


We believe our books can aid young people to accomplish their goals and make the world a better place. Through our books, we can help to empower young people with knowledge and love for self. By opening their minds to the unlimited options they have and giving them alternates to the ?drug and knife crime? culture; which is being promoted so prevalently in our society today. We have the potential to achieve this via our books, events and workshops that give young people the confidence that they can achieve anything they put their ?mind to?. Children knowing this information at an earlier age can receive a life-changing impact allowing them to realize the potential for greatness that they possess.