Aunty CJ Walker


Madam CJ Walker

Aunty CJ was America’s first female self made millionaire. Through hard work and determination she rose to the top of the hair care industry building one of the biggest businesses in the world at that time.

Aunty CJ was a pioneer, inventor, entrepreneur and civil rights activist. She 

spent a large amount of her money and time helping other black people. She gave loans to people, built her own movie theatre and even helped fight against racism.

Aunty CJ had very little education and no business experience but she didn’t let 

anything stop her from achieving her goals. She founded her own college of ‘Beauty Culture’ and she employed over 25,000 women in North America, South America and the Caribbean.


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The black History Activity Books stimulate the imagination and curiosity of the reader to use critical thinking and problem-solving to complete the books. This book uses a range of activities that cover the following:

• Science

– Healing Properties Of Herbs

– Herbal Remedies & Recipes

– Biology

• Maths

– Adding

– Counting

– Number Order

– Multiplication

• English

– Spelling

– Reading & Comprehension

• Geography

• Art & Design

• Visual Memory

• Matching & Sorting 

• Colouring by Number

• Colouring

• Drawing

• Mazes

• Dot to Dot

• Spot the difference

• Crossword

• Word Search

• Quiz

These activities exercise the brain and memory as well as a range of benefits that:

• Increases / Boosts

– Retention

– Engagement

– Emotional Intelligence

– Observation Of Detail

– Patience

• Improves:

– Critical Thinking

– Cognitive Thought Processes

– Hand-Eye Coordination

– Communication Skills

– Vocabulary (Language / Learning)

• Encourages

– Risk Taking

– Focus

– Right Brain Thinking

– Following Instructions

• Releases 

– Positive Emotions

– Stress

– Hidden Emotions

Format: 150mm x 210mm (A5)

32 Pages

350 gsm Gloss Laminated Cover

160gsm Full colour interior pages

Age Range  6 and Above

Expected delivery is 3-5 working days (excluding holidays) for UK Orders

International orders will be fulfilled within 14 working days.


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